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Andrew Maxwell's Supernatural - One4Review

Andrew Maxwell is back in town and the fans are back also flocking to pay homage to the reigning King of Comedy and it is easy to see why. Maxwell is not a comedian who struts and prowls around his stage, in fact his delivery style is basically sitting on a stool. He doesn’t write gags rather taking the role of a storyteller and all the things that happen to him during the year, and boy does a lot happen. I mean who could play gigs both for the IRA, UDA and in a maximum security wing of a prison and still live to tell the tale? Maxwell did and it has afforded him a whole host of stories to royally entertain us as he did. Although a proud Irish man the diminutive comedy legend is widely traveled and has some wonderful stories abound New York, Irish Bars in LA and a certain budget Irish airline, wonderfully observed and beautifully delivered. Never shy to tackle any subject, Scottish Independence, Irish Politics the Olympics, ‘Geysers’ are just some of the subjects he tackles head on. I have seen Maxwell a few times over the last number of years and feel this show is the best I have seen and as it has been a year or two since he was crowned king, maybe it’s about time he received another award perhaps? *****

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