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Matt Green - Grow Up Green - One4Review

Although he looks about fifteen I realised that Matt must be a lot older, because I first saw him perform in Cambridge Footlights in 1999, but he doesn’t look much older now and the possible reason for that is revealed in his show. Although playing to a relatively small audience at the show I saw, Green never let the level of his performance drop, and apart from the odd reference to this, played as if to a full house. He is not a confrontational comedian in any shape or form, but does interact with his audience in a very positive way. His material covers a whole range of subjects and a lot is observational and anecdotal. Green gives us stuff about travelling, being an actor, shopping at M&S, politics, his joker father, memories of ancient computer games and bubble wrap!! The only rant, if that is the right word , as I really can’t imagine him seriously ranting about anything, but an encounter on a networking site did bring out a slightly darker side to his persona. This was the first time I have seen him perform a full hour, and it certainly hope it will be the first of many. And if you want a early evening show with plenty of  funny material then check this out. ****

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