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Cat in the Hat 3*** - One4Review

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| On 13, Aug 2015

Those of you familiar with the Dr Seuss children’s books will know they are bright, bold, and a bit, well, strange. Strange characters, strange animals and strange storylines. Cat in the Hat is no exception. First published in 1957, it tells the story of two children who are left home alone. Enter the Cat in the Hat and his two companions, Thing One and Thing Two, to entertain the children and in doing so cause all sorts of mayhem.

Fans of the book will be impressed with the true to the book characters, set and dialogue. The actors played their parts brilliantly, especially the actor playing Fish. There was a great moment when large balls were pushed across the theatre and the audience had to roll them over their heads back to the stage, which was met with much excitement from the children.

There were times when it seems too bold and noisy and there was no let up from the crazy antics on stage. My three year old was certainly unimpressed with Thing One and Thing Two (“scary, mummy!”) and some of the other younger children I observed looked a bit confused. It is aimed at children aged three and over but I think it is more appropriate for slightly older kids.

If you’re a fan of the book then you’re bound to love the show. If you’re not sure if you love the book this may be one to miss.

Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance One. August 5th – August 30th.

Reviewed by Claire.

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