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Jenny Bede: Don't Look at Me *** - One4Review

Jenny Bede: Don’t Look at Me ***

| On 14, Aug 2015

There is no doubt that Jenny Bede is a talented performer. She is an actress, a very good singer and no mean comic as well and she showed off her talents to good effect in this performance.

Jenny says she is in her early thirties, she looks much younger and is not really a going out clubbing girl rather staying in watch TV. Although a hen night in Magaluf did involve her peeing off the club security. She does love her music, Hip-Hop especially but struggles to rationalise the misogynistic lyrics with her feminist views. She especially love Canadian rapper Drake, but compares him with her mother!

The comedy is liberally peppered with her singing self-penned songs on a range of subjects using her humour to good effect in the lyrics and on one occasion in her second language of emoji, illustrated to great effect.

All this talent at her fingertips you would expect a great performance to blow people away. I got the feeling that the sauna of her venue drained a lot of energy from the room and certainly not everyone went with her on which with a different crowd would have been a great journey.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance That

Until 30th August (not 24th)

15.30 to 16.30

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