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A Very Tall Storrie: Asley Storrie 4**** - One4Review

A Very Tall Storrie: Asley Storrie 4****

| On 14, Aug 2015

Ashley Storrie, her off the award winning Janey Godley’s Podcast and a really fine young comedian as well, is performing her debut solo hour in Fringe 2015.

From the off she is in command of her room and launches into her set packed with anecdotal tales, often self-deprecating, but each one packed with laugh out loud moments. You are never short of a laugh during her set.

Ashley gives us a potted history of her early life, schooling, puberty, reading extracts from her teenage diaries set the tone and the funnies flow through, then we have Tinder dating, William Shatner, her medical condition, gigs in LA and what is would do if she was a man and there is more, much more as this gregarious Glaswegian showcased her natural entertaining talents.

It seemed to me that she had been on stage for minutes when she started to wind up her set. That in itself tells its own story.

As part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival entry is free, but at the end a bucket collection is sought. Make sure you fold yours neatly on leaving. Oh and get there early. The room fills up quickly and you wouldn’t want to miss out


Reviewed by Geoff

The Counting House

Until 30th August (not 17th or 24th)

18.15 to 19.15

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