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Pleasance Courtyard Archives - One4Review

Tamsyn Kelly: Crying in TK Maxx 4****

August 26, 2023 |

What starts out feeling like a medley of best bits from ten-minute club sets quietly morphs into a long-form narrative with diverting side-quests. It works well: Ms Kelly eases herself into the show with skills she can probably exercise in … Read More

Simon Brodkin – Xavier 5*****

August 24, 2023 |

I wasn’t too sure what I expected going into this gig. My knowledge of Brodkin’s back catalogue consisted of him showering Sepp Blatter with dollars and handing Teresa May a P45, oh and of course his alter ego Lee Nelson.

Read More

Mary O’Connell: Money Princess 3.5***

August 23, 2023 |

Mary O’Connell came out strong, bounding on stage with attitude and verve. She’s got great stage presence and a lovely cadence to her delivery that she keeps up throughout the show. This, and a robust framing narrative keep potentially disparate … Read More

Matty Hutson: Don’t Hold Back 5*****

August 23, 2023 |

Matty Hutson achieves top marks in every aspect of the show. He’s an excellent musician (guitar, keyboard, electronic manipulation), and writes music that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on a streaming service. It is melodically pleasing and harmonically sound. … Read More

Chloe Petts – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice 4.5 ****

August 17, 2023 |

Chloe Petts returns to Edinburgh for her ‘difficult’ second  show this year following the critically acclaimed sell-out run last year. She was thought of in some circles as being too nice. Is this show different? Well it certainly an angrier … Read More

Josh Weller: Age Against the Machine 4****

August 17, 2023 |

Josh Weller delivers an excellent hour of comedy about music, also involving musical comedy. He started life aiming for a successful music career, but it didn’t work out. A decade and a half later, Josh is able to find quite … Read More

Ivo Graham- Organised Fun 4****

August 15, 2023 |


It seems a long time ago that I first saw Ivo Graham at the Fringe as a young up and coming comic.

Obviously his star is still rising, Graham is always appearing on TV whether it is his stand-up … Read More

Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical 4****

August 15, 2023 |

First of all don’t be expecting a boy band’s Christmas Hits musical. This is a musical parody of a Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life that follows NSYNC founder Chris Kirkpatrick as he travels back in time to his … Read More

Leila Navabi: Composition 4****

August 15, 2023 |

This show sort of wanders around in three star territory for the first three quarters of the hour, leaving you wondering what the fuss has been about. Leila Navabi is a great performer, so this is by no means unenjoyable, … Read More

Annabel Marlow…is this okay?? 4****

August 15, 2023 |

Ms Marlow has a great voice, and in her opening gambit entreats us – and perhaps herself – not to wonder why we’re there, but rather to just enjoy the moment. The show has a throughline of reminders to ignore … Read More