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Pleasance Courtyard Archives - One4Review

Patti Harrison 4****

August 15, 2022 |

This show takes place in one of the larger venues on the Fringe, and it was about full to capacity. But I’ve never seen so many people leave during a show, especially not in such a large venue, where one … Read More

Nic Sampson: Marathon 1904 4****

August 10, 2022 |

The marathon at the 1904 Olympic Games was a disaster for all sorts of reasons, but Mr Sampson has made the telling of its story into a success of a show. With some AV props, various characters – including Alice … Read More

Tessa Coates: Get Your Tessa Coates You’ve Pulled 4****

August 10, 2022 |

This show starts at a solid ‘good’ and improves immediately from there to achieve ‘excellent’ about half way through. Material and presentation aside, this is almost entirely due to Ms Coates’ skill in grabbing the audience by the emotions and … Read More

Tiff Stevenson – Sexy Brain 4.5 ****

August 7, 2022 |

I thought I knew who I was going to see prior to entering this show. I have been watching Tiff Stevenson perform for more than a decade, so why am I watching a ‘Karen’? Tiff expounds on the fact that … Read More

Njambi McGrath: Black Black 3***

August 7, 2022 |

I overheard another audience member at the end of the show remark upon the fact that Ms McGrath had chosen to do this show here, I think with the implication that it was a brave and perhaps risky choice. Ms … Read More

Glenn Moore- Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, Glenn I’m 64 5*****

August 6, 2022 |

Glenn Moore has always been a comic you can rely on since he first graced the Fringe back in 2016 and is always one of the first comedians I set out to see, so it was no real surprise to … Read More

I Am Not Victoria Wood 4****

August 14, 2021 |

What does a Victoria Wood tribute act do when the work dries up? This dilemma forces Maddie North, runner up to Lennie Henry in ‘Better Than The Real Thing’, into a box room at her mother’s house. To keep her … Read More

Bacon – Pip Utton 5*****

August 11, 2021 |

This year’s fringe is blessed with another stand out performance by Pip Utton. On a sunny afternoon in the Pleasance Rear Courtyard venue, Pip enthralled his audience with his fascinating portrayal of Francis Bacon. As the audience arrived at the … Read More

Ben Pope: Dancing Bear 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Ben Pope seems like a lovely, warm fellow, without a cynical thought in his head or malice for anyone. He didn’t even have anything particularly negative to say about the sassy, nonchalant ghost, just accepted it, decided to find it … Read More

Superhero Academy – Environmental Adventure! – 5*****

August 20, 2019 |

“Awesome” was the verdict of my nine year old, and from the happy faces and queue for photos afterwards, she wasn’t alone in that opinion.

This was part ‘training camp’ part lesson in being environmentally friendly, and all lots of … Read More