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Chloe Petts – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice 4.5 **** - One4Review

Chloe Petts – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice 4.5 ****

| On 17, Aug 2023

Chloe Petts returns to Edinburgh for her ‘difficult’ second  show this year following the critically acclaimed sell-out run last year. She was thought of in some circles as being too nice. Is this show different? Well it certainly an angrier Chloe who is before us, but not necessarily a less enjoyable one.

She is immediately into her set with an audience poll and we are divided into football lads, beautiful gentle queers and oldies. And men. She has a wide reaching appeal it seems to all. Her frequent appearances on TV sometimes as a comic and others as a football expert catch a lot of peoples’ attention hence the constantly selling out signs on her shows.

There is plenty of subjects that are addressed, here tour support for Ed Gamble and self-flyering in the foyer,Extinction Rebellion, school, a pen licience and how to obtain one, dealing with a stabby yoof on a bus, part-time vegetarianism  and catching the brides bouquet at weddings attended are but a few in the subjects that are expounded upon.

Chloe is a passionate footy fan and her beloved Crystal Palace and the hatred of rival Brighton do bring out her anger. Yet this is questioned as to why.

It is fair to say she passed the second show quandry with flying colours and it is a certainty will be a big player in the comedy world for years to come.


Reviewed by Geoff

18.40 to 19.40

Pleasance Above

Until 27th August

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