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Monski Mouse's Baby Cabaret 5***** - One4Review

Monski Mouse’s Baby Cabaret 5*****

| On 18, Aug 2023

You’re a parent with toddlers and you’re searching through all the shows at the fringe for something your 2-year-old will just SIT THROUGH. This is it. Monski Mouse’s Baby Cabaret makes a delightful return, shimmering with whimsy and delight to give you some time to unwind and get your little ones grooving in a safe environment while you can sit back and also enjoy.


Monski shines bright, inviting us into a world of wonder. From the beginning, it’s clear that this isn’t just a performance, it’s a musical journey, covering everything from wiggly worms to the sometimes hilarious existential musings of toddlers.


The room is inviting, with ample floor space and chairs around the edge and tables behind them, there’s a seating arrangement for all and so no one misses the action or feels they must “sit still”. With songs that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone, whether it’s the playful buzz of a bee, the urgency of a fire truck, or the classic nursery rhymes.


Monski is joined this year by Jeremiah with robust vocals, Michelle and her soaring notes, and  Tim whose guitar effortlessly sets the stage for an unforgettable hour. .I really enjoyed the reimagining of Amy Winehouse’s hit, which playfully chimes, ‘Try to make me put my shoes on’. A playful nod that any parent can relate to. Why won’t they just put their shoes on?


The charm isn’t only in the songs, though. It’s also in the little moments, the fish puppet that meanders through the audience, a joyous rendition of ‘Black Bird’ with a feathered friend by its side, and the infectious energy of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ that speeds up, bringing out the childlike excitement in everyone.


As the final notes of “Let’s go fly a kite” drift through the air, there’s an overwhelming sense of joy, a reminder of the simpler times in our lives. For those seeking a nostalgic ride down memory lane with their little ones, this cabaret promises a trip worth taking. Just let yourself get carried away by the melodies and the merriment .I suggest 1-3-year-olds are ideal.


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly George Square Gardens – Palais du Variete

10.40 (50 mins)

Until 25 Aug (not 19, 20 or 21)

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