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360 Allstars - 4**** - One4Review

360 Allstars – 4****

| On 12, Aug 2023

360 ALLSTARS delivers an electric fusion of street style and high-level athletics, living up to its global acclaim. The stage lights up with Ball-Zee, an exceptional beatboxer who lays down rhythms that are as intricate as they are contagious. This act goes beyond mere performance; it’s a sea of giggles and fascination, witnessing what one man and his microphone can conjure.

Gene Peterson, the drumming machine, amplifies the energy, his beats reverberating through the venue. But it’s not all about the beats. The show’s true essence lies in its diverse array of talents. The stage transforms into a battleground with Bboys Chris and Daz, where jumping off a head spin becomes the norm, and a handstand head spin for your life takes breaths away. The synergy between dance and rhythm is electrifying, especially with Ball-Zee’s beatboxing punctuating their moves, adding an extra layer that makes some sections stronger.

Then enters the BMX champion, Peter Söre, whose dizzying spins and jumps are accentuated by the beatboxer’s live tunes about riding. But the spectacle doesn’t stop there. The infamous double ball spin by Showcase, the basketball maestro, leaves jaws dropped, as he juggles and spins multiple basketballs in a display of freestyle basketball that’s nothing short of mesmerising.

Josh Curtis joins the stage on the Cyr Wheel, executing acrobatics that seems to defy gravity. This scene, enhanced by live music from our drummer and beatboxer-turned-DJ, merges rhythm and motion into one cohesive piece. And as the show progresses, with performers bathing in disappearing spotlights and pulling off synchronized stunts, it’s clear this is a rollercoaster of beatboxing, breakdancing, and basketball by clear masters of their chosen crafts.

Unfortunately, sight lines in the venue blocked us from seeing, what I imagine was impressive to watch drum-solo as we were told the drummer strapped a go-pro to his head so we got to see all the action close up if you could see it.

360 ALLSTARS is more than just a performance; it’s an experience. An unforgettable journey that takes urban arts, mixes them with unparalleled athletics and serves it on a platter of live music. Ten years on, and it’s evident why this show has seen global adoration.

Reviewed by Matthew
Assembly Hall – Main Hall
15.15 (1hr)
Until 28 Aug (not 15)

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