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The Beatbox Collective: What's Your Sound? - 4**** - One4Review

The Beatbox Collective: What’s Your Sound? – 4****

| On 08, Aug 2023

As a long-time Beatbox fan, this show was perfect for me. It’s a journey into sound, pushing the boundaries on what I believe is possible with just a mouth and a microphone. It’s somewhat of a modern-day barbershop quartet and it has me hooked from the first “&ssh&&£7sshppp”.

The stage has 5 chairs which soon seat the 5 international beatboxing champions Experimental, Hobbit, MC Zani, Ball-Zee and Bass6. When they launch into the beatbox battles the room nods along eagerly with the energy created, it’s almost impossible to resist the rhythm.

This is simply a masterclass in beatboxing. Whether it’s robotic noises, drums, snares or bass this group of champs can replicate anything. If you know your stuff you’ll have an absolute blast and probably see this as a 5-star show, however, if you’re new to the scene, some of the musical references may fly over your head, but this doesn’t stop the show from being an absolute toe-tapping and crowd-pleasing experience.

The 5 beatboxers come across as profoundly polite and this fosters an environment where the audience feels they can clap, nod and even dance along by the end we were all on our feet grooving to the various sounds being created as they took us on a history lesson of music and sound.

When the show closes you realise that there is no accompanying music, instruments or sound effects added, everything has come from our 5 artists. There’s something for everyone in this show that will have you bouncing out and attempting to “&ssh&&£7sshppp” on your way home.


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly George Square Studios

19.45 (1hr)

Until 12 Aug


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