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Shadow Boxing – 5***** - One4Review

Shadow Boxing – 5*****

| On 09, Aug 2023

This mesmerising play by James Gaddas tells the story of Flynn, a conflicted boxer whose internal struggles are physically demonstrated as he floats balletically across the stage one minute, then stamps on the ground violently the next to demonstrate the power of his punches. Determined not to be like his father, a failed boxer, he learns his craft with his trainer Laurie and moves up the ladder towards a shot at the national, and ultimately the world title. As well as doing battle with his opponents, he also has to deal with his inner demons. Realising that he is gay, he indulges in clandestine meetings, but his secret life can only be supressed for so long. As he becomes more reckless, his boxing career is in danger as his inner needs break through his defences. The life of a gay boxer is never going to easy, and Flynn’s turmoil is palpable as his two lives collide. 

This was a beautiful performance by Daniel Newton, who dominated the stage and gave a heart-breaking performance. The audience, though sparse, enthusiastically showed their appreciation at the end. This play and Daniel Newton deserve a full house. 


Reviewed by Rona 

Assembly George Square – Studio 2

14.35 (55 mins)

Until 20 Aug

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