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Raising Kane – 4**** - One4Review

Raising Kane – 4****

| On 09, Aug 2023

On a black and white set, David Shopland enters the stage as Orson Welles with grey face, grey gloves and a black suit creating a scene reminiscent of the cinematography of Welles’ magnum opus, Citizen Kane. For the first 40 minutes we are given a captivating portrait of Orson Welles from his precocious and bohemian childhood, to enfant terrible of the film world and finally to a glimpse of his life after Citizen Kane. He always preferred to collaborate with fellow artistes, so we are introduced to characters important in his development such as Richard Hill, an influential teacher at his school, and John Houseman, who was an early promotor of Welles’ career. David is never afraid to show Welles’ frailty and how thin skinned he could be in the face of criticism and there is a sense that Welles’ felt he never achieved the same heights of Citizen Kane – although even the success of his most lauded film was not without its difficulties. 

At this point the play takes on a more personal slant and this switch in direction gives the whole piece an additional emotional dimension that is completely unexpected. David is a consummate performer and deals with the transformation with aplomb. It’s an entertaining hour and a must see for any Orson Welles or Citizen Kane fans. 


Reviewed by Rona 

Assembly – Studio 4 George Square 

12.00 (50mins0

Until 28th (not 14th or 21st

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