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Salamander 5***** - One4Review

Salamander 5*****

| On 07, Aug 2023

Salamander is set just after the real-life murder of Sheila Anderson in 1983. Sheila was a wife, a mother, and a prostitute.

Four sex workers from Leith find themselves at a group hosted by Prostitute Liaison Officer Pat Elliot and church helper Joan – she wants to offer some support to the Ladies of Leith but can the offer of pottery classes and poetry writing really make a difference? And can straight talking Pat convince the girls to take heed and protect themselves?

We meet Candy – a real sweetie, there’s Roxy – a good girl, from a good school and a good family fallen from grace, walking the streets after getting sacked from the saunas up ‘toon. There’s Vi – the old hand at 27 years old, the mother not only to her own young children, but to the girls on the street. And then there’s Angie – or her street name, Tiff.

Each character has an important part in the story – but if you think this is a bleak story don’t be fooled! There’s real humour, warmth, and emotion. You will feel all the feels. Roxy’s “Ode to a Chode” is as much as a masterpiece as Angie’s angst ridden solo delivered as the guitarist stage right gently plays “Golden Brown”.

The real beauty of this show is that a hard-hitting message is delivered in Festival wrapping. That the risks to sex workers remain very real and that moving them off the streets and away from engagement presents a real threat to their safety and being. However – they persevere.

This is a theatre show for people who don’t think they’re theatre people. It has it all; drama, comedy, spoken word, and superb singing from a very talented ensemble. Highly recommended.


Reviewed by Lyndsey

Assembly Roxy – Upstairs

18.55 (1hr 10)

Until 16 Aug

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