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Taiwan Season: Light of life - 3.5*** - One4Review

Taiwan Season: Light of life – 3.5***

| On 24, Aug 2022

A Diabolo is a bit like a giant yo-yo but without the string attached and to be honest I had no idea these devices could be used in the way they are in this show. It’s quite the spectacle to see. As the performers enter the stage spinning their diabolos around their heads and bodies you realise quickly what ‘Light of life’ means!

Apart from the constant spinning light show which we stared at like a hypnotic lava lamp, performers do their best to keep energy high with acrobatics, strength work and some rather interesting choreography.

The stage is lit up with animation that accompanies the different themes on display and although not always clear what the narrative was it is a nice touch and you can definitely feel the mood change as the show goes on.

If you have small children I recommend sitting at the back as the drums are loud and possibly not best suited for the space but they definitely do the job of keep adrenaline high. This show won’t be for everyone but if you are wanting to see something outside of your usual stand up and circus jugglers this is definitely one to watch.

Reviewed by Matthew
Assembly George Square Studios-Studio one
13.00 (45mins)
Until 28th Aug

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