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Bloody Difficult Women 4**** - One4Review

Bloody Difficult Women  4****

| On 20, Aug 2022

Author, broadcaster and journalist Tim Walker’s new play about the power struggle between two determined women, and in particular the court case brought by Gina Miller against Theresa May’s Government to determine whether Brexit could be achieved without parliamentary approval. The play opens with the Gina and Theresa describing their very different backgrounds and what has led them to their present positions. Theresa May has just been appointed Prime Minister of the UK, and is planning her new cabinet, but Brexit is very much the elephant in the room. Ironically May sees her primary role to see Brexit through to a conclusion, even though she voted to remain in Europe. The blame is laid on the ‘arrogance of the Old Etonians’ and May describes herself as powerless from the very moment she entered 10 Downing Street. A central role is given to the Daily Mail, and the dialogue between its foul-mouthed editor Paul Dacre and his assistant provides much amusement but is perhaps a little clichéd. It is also a reminder of the power of the press and the system to demonise and threaten Miller and to influence and manipulate the Government, offering its support only if May remains on track on Brexit. The man who really made Brexit a reality, and who would go on to be the UK’s next Prime Minister, is never mentioned by name, but his spectre hangs over everything that May tries to do. The ‘difficult women’ are finally brought together in a powerful final scene, and despite their very different backgrounds, we start to realise that they perhaps have more in common than was originally apparent. Overall, some very good performances, particularly the two leading ladies, and an enjoyable 90 minutes of theatre that I would highly recommend.


Reviewed by Howard

Assembly Rooms – Ballroom

14.30 (90mins)

Until 28th Aug (not 22nd)

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