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Brotipo - 4**** - One4Review

Brotipo – 4****

| On 08, Aug 2023

Venture into the wondrous domain of Quebec’s circus clowns with Brotipo, a performance that has rightfully strutted its slapstick on international stages across 18 countries. The sleeveless jesters weave a narrative that’s as much about high-flying acrobatics – notably handstands and the mesmerizing diabolo – as it is about the intricate dynamics of their bond.


Masters of horseplay, their camaraderie keeps the spotlight aglow. Their bickering, familiar in its playful contempt, paints a vivid picture of a relationship built on impeccable timing. At the heart of their act, a pressing question looms: is this a farewell tour? And if so, can one truly thrive without the other?


The antics are boundless. The pair’s communication with their audience is ceaseless, turning the big top into a shared space of joy and jest. We are more than mere observers; we’re in on the joke, cheering along, becoming part of the duo’s colourful narrative.


From the diablo, shows of strength and dexterity to the ever-present essence of friendship teetering on the edge, Brotipo is more than an acrobatic spectacle; it’s a testament to comedy’s timeless appeal and the intricate ballet of human connection. A show where the antics are wild, the laughter infectious, and the heart unmistakably warm. Don’t miss this fantastic family experience, for who knows if it’s truly their last hurrah?


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly George Square – Piccolo

13.30 (1hr)

Until 27 Aug (not 14 or 21)

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