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Kyiv City Ballet 5***** - One4Review

Kyiv City Ballet 5*****

| On 12, Aug 2023

Kyiv City Ballet- A Tribute to Peace. It is remarkable the resilience that the people of Ukraine have shown since the outbreak of war in 2022. The Company were performing in Paris when war broke out and have been in virtual exile ever since. Rather than dwell on the trauma of war the Kyiv City Ballet have put together a repertoire that focuses on peace, love and friendship.

The first act is a classical ballet. The story is an intertwined love story that includes a love struck poet, elegant ladies who playfully dance together, romantic lads in waistcoats and the lovely story of the tramp who is taken under a rich woman’s wing and transformed into a nobleman. A beautiful moonlight dance that includes outstanding lifts takes us to the happy ending finale of a wedding dance. This story was demonstrated through an incredible ballet performance that is set to traditional ballet music. The costumes are fabulous.

The interlude is a slide show. A sightseeing tour of what Ukraine used to look like prior to the war. It was emotional to watch given the war torn country we are seeing on the news at the moment.

The second act is a traditional men’s folk dance. The men each have either blue or yellow shirts reflecting the Ukraine flag. This performance was some work out. They flew around the stage providing a Cossack-style performance that included incredibly high jumps, leg kicks and squats.

I found it very refreshing to watch a traditional classical ballet performance as contemporary dance has become increasingly popular. This highly talented young dance troupe provided a masterclass that your budding ballet stars would find truly inspirational. The audience absolutely loved it. I would happily recommend this show. Also it gives them the well deserved support that they need at this current time.

Reviewed by Lynn
Assembly Hall (Main Hall)

19:00 (50 mins)

Until 28 August (except 14th,21st)

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