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The Black Blues Brothers - 5 stars - One4Review

The Black Blues Brothers – 5 stars

| On 06, Aug 2023

The Black Blues Brothers is a fantastic fusion of acrobatic theatre and stomping music anthems with an unmistakable flair of 1950s chic. This is not in any way a tribute to the film namesake but draws inspiration from the iconic stylings of the 1980s film, using the trademark jackets, glasses and hat in a nod to the cult classic, even including a booming voice getting us ready to welcome to them to the stage.


We begin in a classic hotel, with a barman and porters trying to find some fun in the mundane before they transform with a slick costume change into the stars of the show and start to tackle a range of jaw-dropping acrobatics as they spin across the stage with ease! We see a display of pure strength and agility as they work through clearly perfected choreography. Whether it’s a human pyramid in reverse or an upside-down splits on a stack of chairs the audience is constantly in awe at the display of jaw-dropping feats of physicality.


After the first 15 minutes, i couldn’t believe what we had seen already and there were still 45 minutes to go, how would they top the beginning? The answer is quite simply they never let up, not just stunts and expert physical performance but also silent comedy, endless energy and a heart-thumping soundtrack keeps our toes tapping and our grins wide as we giggle at their antics.


Audience interaction is also featured as the five performers try to woo a member of the audience and later we see people get up to try and limbo to success, all is fun and at no point do we feel anyone has been given a task that isn’t a joy.


This is more than just a series of physical spectacles set to a soundtrack, it’s a celebration of music, athleticism and fun. Their mission is not just to entertain but to exhilarate and they do this with incredible style and endless energy. An unforgettable joy from start to finish.


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly Rooms – Music Hall

15.05 (1hr)

Until 27 Aug

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