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Locomotive for murder: The improvised whodunnit 5 Stars ***** - One4Review

Locomotive for murder: The improvised whodunnit 5 Stars *****

| On 06, Aug 2023

Well, first show of the Fringe for me and what a show to kick off with! The show was hilarious from start to finish. The basic background of a murder mystery on a train, complete with unpredictability, appears to develop into a ridiculous plot with hilarious consequences. The show is audience participation, so the plot line is all dependant on audience feedback, well elicited.

The clever thing about this show is you can tell other people the plot line without spoiling for others as every show is different. It is a murder mystery on a train and the audience are guided through the process by a detective who happens to be travelling on the train too. Every character is developed by the audience and an imaginative creation developed. Even if you do not actively participate, you by no means feel left out or is it any less funny and the audience are made to feel comfortable.

The cast delivery is just skilfully done! It is clear to see the cast have a strong relationship, and this just adds to the delivery of the show. The quick wit of the cast and ability for them to laugh and make fun of each other is something that cannot be taught. They brilliantly incorporate this into the show, adding to the hilarity – especially when the cast member knows nothing about the topic given to them.

The lack of stage props both concerned and intrigued me when I first went in. However, the way the cast maximise this and encourage the audience to use their imagination, make it irrelevant. I like to try and identify areas for improvement, but I am genuinely struggling to find any with this show!

So, if you are interested to know how a potato, a hamster and a pair of hair straighteners can work their way into a murder mystery, get your self to the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose and find out.


Reviewed by Tracey

Gilded Balloon – Patter Hoose

17.45 (1hr)

Until 27 Aug (not 13)

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