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Monkey Poet: Sh*t Flinging 4**** - One4Review

Monkey Poet: Sh*t Flinging 4****

| On 20, Aug 2014

Okay I am not really a huge fan of poetry, so why am I packed in a space in the bowels of Edinburgh along with about 50 others listening to an hour of the stuff?

Well meeting the man himself prior to the show his laid back nature and his obvious passion for his art persuaded me. So here I am.

And am I pleased I went? You bet your ass I am.

Matt Parnesh is a really funny guy, be it with his poems or with his links he has the place in stitches. His poems are not pretentious, they do not ramble on, they are pithy and witty and the hour just flew by in the sweatbox that he inhabits.

Parnesh is such a likeable guy with oodles of charisma and he seems genuinely pleased to see each and every one at his gig. I was initially pleasantly surprised to see how many returning customers he had from one year to the next. I understand why now and for future festivals he can count on at least one more returning punter.

Give him a go if you get a chance… or a seat of course the show is popular and how.

Reviewed by Geoff

Banshee Labyrinth

16.45 to 17.45


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