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I Am Not Victoria Wood 4**** - One4Review

| On 14, Aug 2021

What does a Victoria Wood tribute act do when the work dries up? This dilemma forces Maddie North, runner up to Lennie Henry in ‘Better Than The Real Thing’, into a box room at her mother’s house. To keep her career alive, she posts regular online Vlogs where she answers her followers’ questions and appears as some of Victoria Wood’s favourite characters – Kimberley the Northerner, Hailey Bailey the Keep Fit Guru and Chrissie the Cross Channel Swimmer. She also takes the opportunity to perform some of Victoria’s best loved songs. The trouble is that Maddie feels as if she is losing herself as she realises that her followers want her to be Victoria Wood (despite her having been dead for some time) and are disappointed when she, Maddie, is herself.
Julia Knight’s performance in this gentle comedy is endearing. The shortness of the piece means that Maddie’s personal story lacks a bit of depth, which would have given the ending more meaning. I also would have liked to have had more Victoria Wood, as the audience lapped up the songs (Hailey Bailey was the highlight for me). It was obvious that the audience were loving the chance to relive memories of the great Victoria Wood and very much appreciated the show.

Reviewed by Rona

Pleasance Courtyard

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