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Fear of Roses 4**** - One4Review

| On 15, Aug 2021

Black Bat productions bring this thriller to Edinburgh which has delicious tinges of a 1940s film noir. Tabby and Nicolette are university friends whose career paths have diverged in their levels of success but have converged at their place of work – a bank. Nicolette is Tabby’s PA and Tabby takes great delight in belittling her at every opportunity. To make matters worse Nicolette is forced to supplement her income by taking shifts as the bank’s overnight security guard. When mysterious stranger Keely enters the action things take a very dark turn.
This play keeps the audience gripped as the plot twists and turns. The nostalgic music in the background gives the action a real 1940s feel and the acting by Amy Gilbrook (Tabby) and Dominka Ucar (Nicolette) keeps us on the edge of our seats right to the end. Although it was advertised as 1 hour long, the play actually lasts closer to 45 minutes and whilst I applaud the cliffhanger ending it did feel rather rushed. It was lovely to be in the Assembly Roxy again despite having to wear a mask and it’s dramatic architecture certainly added to the noirish drama on stage. At 11am, this is an enjoyable start to anyone’s day at the festival.
Reviewed by Rona
Assembly Roxy
Until 30th August

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