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Hive - 3.5*** - One4Review

Hive – 3.5***

| On 08, Aug 2023

In Hive, the line between reality and the eldritch is deftly treaded. With the looming silhouette of a demolition site acting as its canvas, the stark simplicity of a lone ladder with an affixed light bulb introduces us to a world rife with grief, displacement, and the curiosities of housing insecurity.


The expressive depths of the play are evident, showcasing a narrative that flits through a looming multi-storey seaside construction, which, though a symbol of upheaval and confrontation, at times feels overshadowed by its own weight.


As the relationship between the beleaguered conservationist Ria and her ‘retired’ from school child, Salve, unravels, their shared grief, coupled with the eeriness of the hive’s siren song and the conspiracy-laden foreman Craig, crafts a vivid tableau. However, the formulaic dips in narrative pacing, especially during intimate moments that linger a tad too long and at times diluted the emotional gravity.


The production’s clever use of lighting and sound design creates atmospheres ranging from the eerily lullaby-like call of the hive to unsettling stretches of darkness. Yet, the narrative, while poignant, occasionally leans into familiar territory, especially when exploring the fraught intricacies of parent-child dynamics.


Hive successfully encapsulates the struggles of a single mother against a tapestry of challenges both tangible and otherworldly. However, its potential to ascend to uncharted heights is occasionally curtailed by its adherence to familiar narrative tropes.


Hive resonates deeply, presenting a stirring journey into the uncanny that will appeal to those familiar with the struggles of relationships and grief, even if it doesn’t always break new ground.


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly Roxy – Downstairs

16.35 (1hr)

Until 15 Aug

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