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Assembly Roxy Archives - One4Review

Flo and Joan- Sweet Release 5*****

August 21, 2022 |

Now bigger is not always better, but with Flo and Joan this maxim certainly does not apply. Progressing from small rooms moving up in size gradually to now a venue more equipped to handle their phenomena at Assembly Roxy Central. … Read More

Jo Griffin: People Person 3***

August 14, 2022 |

In this three star show with a five star ending, Ms Griffin demonstrates that as well as being a people pleaser, she’s also a crowd-pleaser. You could describe this show as a fifty-seven minute set-up for a three-minute punchline, and … Read More

Comedy Club 4 Kids 2.5**

August 7, 2022 |

My 10-year-old and I had high hopes for this one. Described as a selection of the fringe’s finest comedians, but for kids, every show is different. The compere, Lee Kyle, was excellent. He struck the balance between being kid-friendly but … Read More

Fear of Roses 4****

August 15, 2021 |

Black Bat productions bring this thriller to Edinburgh which has delicious tinges of a 1940s film noir. Tabby and Nicolette are university friends whose career paths have diverged in their levels of success but have converged at their place of … Read More

Knot 4****

August 22, 2019 |

Nikki Rummer and JD Brousse’ provide a very entertaining theatrical circus performance that tells the story of the impossible choice: how can we be honest with ourselves without hurting those we love? There are quite literally plenty of twists and … Read More

Comedy Club 4 Kids 2**

August 11, 2019 |

I did wonder prior to this show how stand-up comedy for kids would work. I’ve found that kids often find slapstick and tricks more entertaining than jokes. According to the Fringe guide, Comedy Club 4 Kids is a compilation of … Read More

Ane City – Elfie Picket & Assembly – 5*****

August 4, 2019 |

Taylor Dyson, who plays the central character Tay, wrote this incredibly emotional and enjoyable piece of theatre. Tay returns to Dundee after a 6 month absence whilst studying at Glasgow University. She seeks to reconnect with her family, friends and … Read More

The Dragon and the Whales – 2**

August 24, 2018 |

The concept of this show is a very sweet tale, of an exhausted dragon meeting some whales, and of a baby dragon who goes on to be brought up by the whales as their own. She then only fully becomes … Read More

Lolly Jones:- 50 Shades of May 3***

August 18, 2018 |

Lolly Jones has taken a very different slant o poking fun at politicians for her Fringe show this year using multi-media, lip syncing, and burlesque, yet not a spoken word from her during the entire performance. What we get is … Read More

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze 5*****

August 17, 2018 |

I’ve found in previous years that Assembly Roxy put on excellent children’s shows, and this one is no exception. Last year theatre group Mouth of Lions put on an brilliant show, and this one is equally as good. Meet Ellie, … Read More