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Rob Auton- The Rob Auton Show 4.5**** - One4Review

Rob Auton- The Rob Auton Show 4.5****

| On 24, Aug 2023

Rob Auton from Yorkshire performs his latest show on what is his 10th year at the fringe in front of an almost sold out healthy audience.Rob summarises his previous shows which he confesses were not that good but with 10 year’s experience, how much has he improved?Rob puts it out there, what’s a vape and what would happen if the moon had no craters, What?With a bit of audience interaction he accidentally got a baby’s gender wrong which wasn’t in the script but he improvised very well to recover the situation.Rob then takes us through memory auction and the tooth fairy with some interesting points to think about and a hilarious tooth fairy outcome, he captures his audience and with some quirky one liners and innuendos you begin to appreciate Rob’s style and humour. He backs this up with a cricket story followed by a Tenpin bowling scenario.Rob winds down the show talking about his sisters boyfriend who works on a pig farm, the transparency of cling film and the crab cake kid before eluding to his brief stint into advertising.Rob Auton’s experienced and established performance was well received by the large audience, with a reflective style of presentation and at times dry sense of humour, it was a joy to watch. This is Rob Auton!4.5****Reviewed by Steve

Assembly Roxy – Upstairs

14.25 (1hr)

Until 26 Aug

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