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Charlotte Fox- Ouroboros the Return 5***** - One4Review

Charlotte Fox- Ouroboros the Return 5*****

| On 24, Aug 2023

Charlotte Fox brings mayhem to the stage, with bags of energy and wacky characters, this calamity of a show will have you tied up in knots.To begin with we are treated to some tongue in cheek Opera singing before going into a simulated car crash which sets the tone as this show is a hilarious car crash from start to finish.With Mystic Merlin giving advice as the voice of reason and manager Belinda’s criticism throughout, normality doesn’t get any better.Fox, dressed appropriately to play the part of a pink flamingo, then treats us to her hilarious impression of a bird, not an easy feat when wearing heels.Freddie the boyfriend appears and Fox changes her voice superbly to play the part and with the improvised use of a baseball cap, Fox gets herself into some interesting positions!Watch out for the part with music from the sugar plum fairy, more hilarity and comical antics ensue. With several accent changes including proper English, Chav, American and Scottish, the chaotic and at times barking mad performance continues and with music from Enya and M-People, what’s not to like.Cherrie the Scottish ‘food’ addict is also not to be missed but is it only food she’s addicted to?If you have any laughter left in you, the chair scene and being skinny sketch will finish you off before Richard the III does.Fox’s non stop energetic performance was a masterclass with unbelievably good voices and hilarious characters, this show will leave you in tears or drive you insane!


Reviewed by Steve

Underbelly Cowgate -Delhi Belly

17.25 (55 mins)

Until 27 Aug

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