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Havana Street Party 5***** - One4Review

Havana Street Party 5*****

| On 13, Aug 2023

At this party you are treated to a cocktail of various dance styles such as ballet, street, and contemporary that are blended into latin dance performances that give the show a cool modern vibe.

The company is made up of Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, Ballet Rakatan, Ballet Revolucion and street dance group, Los Datway who shot to stardom after winning a competition on Tik Tok.These guys certainly love to dance and their energy is phenomenal.

Each member of the cast is given their opportunity to showcase their own style. A beautiful ballet is infused with latin rumba, salsa incorporated with some amazing street dancing, and a fantastic performance set to the beat of the African drums are some of the many dances that tell the story of street parties in Havana.

Their energy is infectious so the audience did not hold back when they were asked to join in. Some people looked like they had been practising ahead of the show!

I think it’s fair to say the stress they’ve had trying to get to the Edinburgh festival between the pandemic and then an issue with the visa paperwork last year has all been worth it. They got a well deserved standing ovation. A woman I spoke to said it was her second time at the show and had enjoyed it so much she’s booked another ticket. This is a great uplifting dance experience.


Reviewed by Lynn
Underbelly Bristo Square – McEwan Hall
17.30 (50 mins)
Until 27 Aug (not 14 or 21)

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