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Dragons and Mythical Beasts - 5***** - One4Review

Dragons and Mythical Beasts – 5*****

| On 24, Aug 2022

It would be wrong for me to say this is anything other than brilliant. A fully packed hour of fun and audience interaction where you get to meet and greet all sorts of Mythical entities.

You probably know of Hercules and Thor, but do you know Dave? Dave is our intrepid hero trainer and he is trying to find the best hero in Edinburgh. Luckily the audience has arrived and can help out!

Dave takes us on a mighty quest to summon the most Mythical of all creatures (no spoilers here). On the way you will meet all manner of beautiful and bizarre creatures that are brought to life through stunning puppetry and mechanics. Fun for all the family this truly is a spectacle of a show and one not to miss.

With so many children and family shows on at the moment it can be hard to pick, this should be on your list as a top priority.

My children were talking about it all day. Sit close and raise your hand and maybe you’ll get to stroke a Unicorn!

Reviewed by Matthew
Underbelly Bristo Square – MacEwan Hall

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