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Frieda Loves Ya 2** - One4Review

Frieda Loves Ya 2**

| On 17, Aug 2018

I first encountered the Frieda Loves Ya phenomenon when she was handing out flyers for her show in Bristo Square. She was dressed as a giant fondant fancy. Our Frieda is a very a competent performer, well schooled in her stagecraft.

We start with a jaunty song about a dead horse with a Ukulele accompaniment, we even get a cartwheel.
The show is loosely themed around the search for love in a cake shop. The many costume changes were an opportunity to introduce a burlesque theme to the show. This element held our attention more than the story line.

At one stage, audience members are invited on stage to partake in the puzzling meanderings of the plot.
The whole performance showcases Frida’s wide range of skills, singing, dancing playing the ukulele whilst simultaneously spinning a hoola hoop, it’s indeed impressive, but in the end, not especially entertaining for a paying audience.

Reviewed by Robert
22:25 15th-27th August Underbelly Jersey

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