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Rhys Nicholson :- Seminal 5**** - One4Review

Rhys Nicholson :- Seminal 5****

| On 04, Aug 2018

The Underbelly Jersey performing space is buried deep in Briso Square and of course there is total darkness as the show commences but it all changes once Rhys Nicholson hits the stage clad in a distinctive suit and infused with enough energy to power a small town.
Nicholson is of course a well know comic here, hence the sell-out show, many return customers mingled with a host of newbies. He grabs the gig by scruff of the neck and comics the life out of it. With his brand of bitchy, catty, outrageously funny 100 mile an hour style of gags and wickedly observed stories, the amount and length of laughter he garners could tire the audience out.
Rhys leads one and all through, parties, weddings, the acceptance of same sex marriage in his native Australia, his partner, glamping, competitive proposals, cruise liners, the list goes on and on, each segment as good if not better than the last.
Although the show I saw was technically a preview I can’t see where any improvement could happen, and I would recommend a ticket is sourced as soon as possible, that is assuming they are not all sold out by now.
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly Jersey Bristo Square
21.05 to 22.05
Until 26th

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