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CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation 4 stars **** - One4Review

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation 4 stars ****

| On 06, Aug 2023

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation 4 stars ****

An improv crime solving show with full audience participation. The storyline and background unpredictable with plot and characters becoming funnier and hilarious at points. If you think there is any similarity to the TV show, think again.

As you walk in there is a slide show introducing the cast, so it feels like you are meeting them before they come on stage. Background music of different crime series gets you in the mood to start solving crimes. The audience are encouraged to take part by naming the victim, job title and murder weapon. We are then guided through the crime by a detective and get to interrogate the suspects throughout.

Sadly, the sound was not great, mics on and off, however the cast were able to project their voices in the snug settings of the venue, certainly not impacting my ability to hear. Props minimal however the audience encouraged to use their imagination. The audience get to directly question the suspects but by no means is anyone singled out or made to feel under pressure.

Some cast members appeared more comfortable than others however they did not shy away from making fun of each other or catching each other out with their ideas that did not make sense! They certainly had fun on stage which was great to watch.

At times I lost what was happening in the storyline, but this all adds to the fun of it not being taken seriously. The inuendoes where frequent and quickly curbed by the detective if getting out of hand for younger patrons who certainly were having a great time behind me. Improv is a skill which all the actors clearly have. Each show is different, and it cannot be easy when the ideas from the audience are so obscure.

I really enjoyed this show. I would like to see it again to note the difference with alternative suggestions and the originality of the plot and characters. If you want a bit of silliness, then this is for you.


Reviewed by Tracey

Underbelly Bristo Square – Ermintrude

15.10 (1hr)

Until 27 Aug

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