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Andrew Maxwell:- All Talk 5***** - One4Review

Andrew Maxwell:- All Talk 5*****

| On 10, Aug 2019


Andrew Maxwell as always is packing them in at the Fringe, something that he has been doing for a quarter of a century and in the huge space that is the upside down purple cow, with every seat taken it is obvious that his appeal is not waning,

Maxwell has always been a highly intelligent comic, not relying on cheap gimmicks for his shows, more well-reasoned topics and anecdotes, well rounded amazingly funny material that is jamb-packed full of laughs.

Starting off with local references and referencing his Fringe longevity, Maxwell’s hour flows through a variety of tops, Brexit obviously is still on his agenda, I do love a possible solution he floats, youth anxiety, budget supermarket lager, Italian food, Bruges chocolate shops his voiceovers on a series set in Kavos are just a few of the topics he muses over in the course of this performance.

And there is always some family related material too, his 3 kids, his youngest already ruling the roost and an interesting experience in going through customs recently.

Maxwell muses that at 45 he is older than 3 European head of state but doesn’t need to be taken seriously. Mmm, not so sure about that, ‘cause he is a seriously funny man with a lot to say and it is always an hour well spent in his company.


Reviewed by Geoff


19.40 to 20.40

Until 25th ( not 12th)

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