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Camille O’Sullivan - The Carny Dream 5***** - One4Review

Camille O’Sullivan – The Carny Dream 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2016

If there is a singer who can surpass, or even get close, to Camille O’Sullivan in this type of extravaganza then I have yet to see them.
In the perfect setting of ‘Lafayette tent’, a huge structure that conjures up the world of circus or carnivals, the stage decorated with all manner of twinkling lights, masks, a dolls house and an illuminated rabbit, the walk in music also with circus undertones the scene is set for the greatest show on earth.
Entering like a wraith from the rear of the tent, clad in multi layers of black and red Ms O’Sullivan takes to the stage and the rapt attention of the 500 plus audience is on her and her band for the next 90 minutes.
Her voice can go from almost whispering ballads to full blown rock to jazz and pop, each style a breeze to this charismatic performer. She flirts with the front couple of rows, she chats to the entire tent and creates the illusion that the show is for each individual.
The musical choices include numbers from Oasis, Brel, Dillie Kean, Dylan, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Prince and David Bowie, each given the special Camille interpretation, theatrical at times, but oozing quality throughout and she pours her heart and soul into each song.
It is difficult to imagine the Fringe without Camille performing. Tickets are hard to come by. Whatever you do don’t miss out.
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly’s Circus Hub at the Meadows
20.30 to 22.00
Until 22nd

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