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Emanuel Sonubi – Emancipated 4.5**** - One4Review

Emanuel Sonubi – Emancipated 4.5****

| On 13, Aug 2022

It was recently that while Watching Live at the Apollo that I saw Emanuel Sonubi close one episode with all the aplomb of a seasoned veteran so was delighted to get the chance to see his hour this year.
Sonubi has the physique of a boxer, it comes as no surprise that he used to be a doorman or bouncer and has decided to keep the look. He then relates a few stories of his time on the door and the reaction to his size, even though he was not a hard man, growing up he was bullied by his sisters, and learned his skills on the job.
Emanuel has a passion for musical theatre, he has acted in the West End, run a hairdressers, worked on cruise liners, and each segment is punctuated with his acutely observed wit. He is also a father of two kids, he doesn’t get on too well with other parents and his tendency to play pranks doesn’t endear him to the teachers.
His image can be perceived as a threat, a story he expands on towards the end goes to show that you can’t please everyone all the time.

One thing I am certain of is however his guy is going places and fast. Grab a ticket now, leave it and it may be too late.
4.5 ****
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly The Dairy Room
18.10 to 19.10
Until 29th (not 15th)

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