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2020 The Musical 5***** - One4Review

2020 The Musical 5*****

| On 17, Aug 2023


We had no idea what was ahead of us when we were ringing in the bells for 2020.This is not a morbid musical about the pandemic, in fact it feels like therapy as this amazing cast brings some light-heartedness to a year where we had to adapt to a new way of life.

The show starts as Emily (Natasha Mould) and Adam (Tom Watson) meet after finally getting their dream job performing in a West End show. This all comes to an abrupt end when Boris Johnson (brilliantly performed by Oly Britten) announces that the country is going into lockdown. As theatres close both Emily and Adam need to make career changes.

Emily finds a job as a Care Assistant. She has her work cut out with these residents but is surprised how she forms such a close bond with them. The cast provide an outstanding portrayal of these OAP’s through their song and dance performances. They even manage to include Tom Moore’s charity walk. There’s a fantastic tap dancing routine about getting old and losing senses.

Adam and Emily’s paths cross when Adam arrives at the Care Home to visit his Grandad. We are sadly reminded of a time when you weren’t allowed to visit relatives, only being able to see them through a window. Adam has got a job as a shop assistant at Lidl where he still manages to find the opportunity to practise his theatrical performances in the aisles of the shop. There are hilarious songs about the middle aisle random stuff and buying dishwasher tablets.

Romance blossoms between Adam and Emily and as they are making plans for their first Christmas together Boris announces Christmas is cancelled and then we’re into lockdown 2.

This musical  flows seamlessly with the help of Samantha Richards who plays the part of a busker. Throughout this performance we are reminded about having to stay indoors, go to work not go to work (Oly Britten absolutely nails this speech), social distancing, covid testing and the vaccine that would get our life back to normal (brilliantly funny hip hop performance from the Vax Gang).

Natasha Mould, who not only plays the part of Emily, is the writer, director, choreographer and producer of this amazing show with Richard Vanryne as the musical composer and orchestrator. It would be unfair to not mention the rest of the cast; Jack Campbell, Sofia Cullinane and Jasmine Davis as they were all outstanding.

This musical, where we are reminded of the resilience that people had during this difficult time, is not to be missed. On leaving the show one audience member commented that it was the standard of a West End production and I have to say I agree


Reviewed by Lynn

Fit The Mould Productions

Underbelly Bristo Square (Cowbarn)

15:55 (1 hr 20 min)

Aug 14th -27th

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