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Jake Yapp: One in a Million 4**** - One4Review

Jake Yapp: One in a Million 4****

| On 16, Aug 2016

Radio and television personality Jake Yapp says it’s been 7 years since he last brought a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, the audience were delighted he decided to give it another go.
Jake starts with a hilarious Fringe in 5 minutes’ sketch which was absolutely spot on. He tells us a bit about himself, and gets to know some of the audience, who he periodically returns to when relevant. He explains he is vegan then goes on to dis most vegan food, particularly tempeh with an unusual but humorous comparison.
He discusses Adam Curtis documentaries, Edward Bernays, Hippocrates, Wilhem Reichs’ theory on Orgone and how (if it existed) could possibly help bring about world peace. This may sound like a social science lecture but it was excellent, very cleverly written with a lot of humour.
Some lighter topics were a skit about an evil Len Goodman, masturbation, the downsides of getting older and parental love
Although seemingly discussing random topics Jake neatly brings it together with the message of the show, it’s good to be unique but we should also celebrate our commonality.
Jake is an affable, intelligent and versatile comedian and his show is well worth a visit.

Reviewed by Sharon
Underbelly Wee Coo
18.50 to 19.50
Until 28th

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