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Chris McCausland :- Speakey Blinder 4**** - One4Review

Chris McCausland :- Speakey Blinder 4****

| On 12, Aug 2018


There is always a need for the sound of laughter for both comedians and audiences at any performance. It’s a prerequisite. And this is even more the case when the comedian in question is blind as is the case with this genial Liverpudlian. He of course can’t see the smiles

McCausland started losing his sight in his early twenties so much of his life has to be lived through his other senses, and he heavily relies on his lovely fiery Brazilian wife for so much that’s good in his life… even though he has never seen her or for that matter his four year old daughter.

What could have been ordinary fare about the trials of family life for a relatively new father, but gets a different take as he runs through everyday life that is so different in pecking order for them all.

Of course McCausland is a quality comic and he has more than ample laughs peppered throughout his hour, but having seen him a couple of times previously that there was possibly a tiny touch of sadness about what he is missing out on.

All in all a ready good hour of early evening comedy.


Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Buttercup

18.35 to 19.35

Until 26th (not 13th)


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