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Name of the Dame 4**** - One4Review

Name of the Dame 4****

| On 06, Aug 2023

Name of the Dame, a noir-style comic play, is utterly ridiculous and entirely delightful. Presented by Adam Perrot and Kate McCabe, this is a tightly-packed hour that starts strong and doesn’t let up. The classic set up of distressed woman seeking help from grungy private investigator is used and abused for plot, story and comedy.

Recently widowed Annie has been accused of murdering her husband, and asks a slightly oblivious investigator for help in her securing her exoneration. From the very start visual gags and horrendous puns let you know what you’re in for, and the quality – albeit that which elicits more groans than laughter – doesn’t drop throughout. The play commits to and owns its plot holes, leaning in to the theatrical nature of the production and weaving it in as part of the comedic fabric. There’s playing with the sound tech, and interludes with the props. One audient is required for a small supplementary role – don’t sit in the front row, and you’ll be fine – of whom the cast are very supportive both on and off stage (and there’s a digital hall of fame!).

Actors McCabe and Perrot are both strong and convincing, perfectly balanced in their interactions and comedic timing. All the elements work to reinforce each other, with the characterisation supporting the plot twists, the comedy plastering over the holes (who cares about them anyway?), and enough staging and set to sketch out the scenes. A content warning for minor (cartoonish) violence, but this is a show with a broad appeal – silly, daft, hilarious, and highly entertaining.


Reviewed by Laura

Just the Tonic @ The Nucleus

17:50 (55mins)

Unitl 20th (not 14th).


  1. Dawn Hart

    Ah we saw this yesterday, it was hilarious!!! It was high energy the whole way, literally every line is a gag. Highly recommend

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