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Appraisal – 4**** - One4Review

Appraisal – 4****

| On 06, Aug 2023

As the strains of Sheena Easton singing 9 to 5 dwindle, Tim Marriot (actor and writer) appears on the stage and grabs a golf club to practise his swing in the privacy of his executive office. A knock at the door interrupts his fun, and he is less than pleased to be faced with his department head Nicky, who has an appointment with him for her annual appraisal.

Over the next hour we are treated to a ‘squirm fest’ of inappropriate managerial behaviour, as Nicky endures her boss’s attempts to manoeuvre her sideways so he can install his latest crush, Cassie, into Nicky’s position. He cannot sack her for poor work, but any praise is cloaked in implied criticism, and he is happy to indulge in blackmail to get his own way. Nicky, on the other hand, is more than able to outwit her devious boss. His old school tactics are no match for her intelligence, but by the end his underhand dealings appear to win the day – or have they?

Anyone who has ever had to face an appraisal will enjoy this romp through workplace politics. With the constant stream of political scandals in recent years, this play resonates with the times and has plenty of humour to keep the audience happy..


Reviewed by Rona

Assembly – Studio 2 George Sq

11.35am (1hr)

Until 278h (not 14th or 21st)

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