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Seymour Mace Does Drawing 4.5**** - One4Review

Seymour Mace Does Drawing 4.5****

| On 06, Aug 2023

There are a few things that one can be certain of when attending a Seymour Mace show at anytime and also a lot more that is less certain.

Firstly, you will have an hour of top class entertainment, delivered in his own inimitable style, delivered by a really funny and inventive Geordie, who seems to throw the rule book away and does it his way. No darkened room for him, the curtains  and on this occasion, the windows in the venue were wide open, and he shuns the use of a mic, not that he really needs one anyway.

What is less certain, but a prerequisite, is where his fertile if occasional, no make that inevitable, imagination leads. And we follow. Why wouldn’t we?

Mace has recently graduated with a Fine Arts degree and is in essence him presenting some of his degree show, using various mediums, and even a live drawing class thrown into the mix.

The show gives him plenty of scope to express his thoughts on a variety of subjects, there are political opinions, mention of his mental health issues, receding hairline but the overriding attraction is the man himself.

It is fair to say that maybe Mace is not for everyone, however, 95% of the audience I shared this experience were howling with laughter, a few however, were a little baffled and confused.

My recommendation is use the Fringe 2023 slogan and fill your Boots, try something different. Mace may have only recently received his Fine Arts degree, but graduated from comedy school as a Fine Comedian ages ago.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand 2

13.20 to 14.20

Until 27th August (Not 14th)

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