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Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty to Me 4.5**** - One4Review

Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty to Me 4.5****

| On 12, Aug 2023

Spending an hour with Eleanor Conway is like spending an hour with your (slightly unhinged)
mate. The full house at Laughing Horse was up for an hour of relatable comedy, mostly
aimed at the ladies in the crowd – but I am more than sure the gents went away with a flea in
their ear and maybe some tips on how to put a smile on their missus’ face.
Eleanor starts off with revealing that approx 4% of women get satisfaction through sex – that
women are conditioned to stay in their box and sold sexual pleasure as mens sexual
pleasure. She’s not wrong and she is Sick.Of.It. Sick of leaving the buffet hungrier than when
she arrived, and the failure of guys to realise that their journey to pleasure is so basic it’s like
driving a Skoda while us ladies require expert handling – like a Ferrari!
She tells an all too familiar tale about the struggles of being a modern woman – likely working
full time, being a parent full time, carrying the full mental load full bloody time, and mothering
man-babies who weaponize their incompetence on the regular.
Eleanor is happily child free and up for dating – anyone who’s ever used online dating will be
nodding in agreement at the shared experiences. What ARE those profile pictures all
Strong messages about fighting misogyny, not making yourself smaller, raising your
expectations, and relying on yourself to be the centre of your own world.
The recent Barbie movie delivers plenty of chat about empowerment – Eleanor channels it
without the sugar coating. While the ladies in the crowd were laughing and nodding along
the guys in front of us barely raised a giggle – maybe the realisation that their Skoda is due
for a trade-in was too much…

Reviewed by Lyndsey
Laughing Horse – The Three Sisters
19.00 (1hr)
Until 27 Aug (not 14 or 21)

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