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Laughing Horse Archives - One4Review

Ron Placone- Balding is Punk Rock 4****

August 25, 2023 |

The title of this unbelievably free show suggests Ron is a balding Punk Rocker and the show is going to be based on Punk music but it’s not, Ron is a stand up enthusiastic American Comedian who jumps between comedy … Read More

101 Psychos: Mentally Ill Folks Telling Jokes. Happy people not welcome – 3.5***

August 21, 2023 |

Comedy show, part of the Free Fringe, showcasing a selection of comedians with diagnosed mental health conditions. They bravely discuss their condition, how it affects them daily but making it fun to listen to.

The compère, Moni Zhang, was … Read More

Ian Stone- Will Make it Better 4.5 ****

August 21, 2023 |

Ian Stone has been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe since 1995 so has plenty of experiences in his locker. He has always been a much sought after guest for panel shows both on TV and radio ever since. He obviously … Read More

Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty to Me 4.5****

August 12, 2023 |

Spending an hour with Eleanor Conway is like spending an hour with your (slightly unhinged) mate. The full house at Laughing Horse was up for an hour of relatable comedy, mostly aimed at the ladies in the crowd – but … Read More

Our Place in the World 4****

August 12, 2023 |

If you ever have trouble with transitions from one topic to the next, please seek advice from Luke Connell. We started with rodeos in Texas, ended with an initially underrated 1980s classic pop track, and did so via Wetherspoons, pickled … Read More

101 Naughty Jokes in 30 Minutes 4****

August 10, 2023 |

Great venue for this type of stand-up comedy as there is no escaping the ridicule from Masai Graham who has been a regular performer at the fringe over the past few years.

A short but jam-packed performance with a lot … Read More

10,000 Ideas 4****

August 5, 2023 |

This show definitely delivers on the title; it’s also in a tiny sauna of a room where the stage lights are about a foot above the (seated) audience’s heads, so do take in some water. Despite that, and because of … Read More

Nicole Harris: No Brainer 2**

August 20, 2022 |

This seven-thirty-pm set would possibly benefit from either a later time slot or a drunker audience. Ms Harris presents a caricature of a club comedian delivering an often crude and repetitive spiel to the front row, leaning in to roasting … Read More

Life Drawing with a Comedian 3***

August 7, 2022 |

Life Drawing with a Comedian is perfectly titled, and does almost exactly what it says on the tin, except we were treated to three, not just one, lightly-clad comedians for our artistic endeavours. In every other respect, however, it is … Read More

Stephen Carlin – Post Rational Carlin – 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Stephen Carlin has a wide range of topics and certainly doesn’t shy away from controversial ones – hard drugs, suicide, being called ‘gay’ – as well as some more mundane, from family relationships, small town life, and driving, to World … Read More