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10,000 Ideas 4**** - One4Review

10,000 Ideas 4****

| On 05, Aug 2023

This show definitely delivers on the title; it’s also in a tiny sauna of a room where the stage lights are about a foot above the (seated) audience’s heads, so do take in some water. Despite that, and because of Ms Perkins’ irrepressible energy and verve, the hour passed quickly and in good humour.

Robyn Perkins is her own front-of-house, sorting out extra chairs for a packed show, and generally being a bouncy, convivial bundle of energy at the front of the show. Once she’s introduced herself from one side of the room to the other, she explains that previous meticulously-crafted shows have not been met with the acclaim they deserve, so she’s trying something different: the show will contain whatever the audience ask for.

We start with some housekeeping – where she’s from, where we’re from, that we can ask for her to slow down – and then we’re given the opportunity to ask questions. In this, Ms Perkins excels. It would be very easy for even a slightly discontented audience to derail the show, but Ms Perkins keeps control of both the narrative and our attention, and does some lovely improvisation and call backs with material from her audience discussions.

There’s no narrative arc to this show – there couldn’t be – but it doesn’t need it because all her stories are worth hearing and her enthusiasm is contagious. She also makes some excellent noises when arguing with technology and this alone was enough for laughter. There is audience interaction here, but as Ms Perkins says, it’s not in her interest to make folk uncomfortable – so she doesn’t. But if you do ask the question, or if the topic comes up, I’m sure you’ll agree, she looks fabulous in that dress.


Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ 32 Below


Until 27th (not 16th)

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