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Nicola Macri: Single Entendre 4**** - One4Review

Nicola Macri: Single Entendre 4****

| On 05, Aug 2023

Confident, warm and friendly performer Nicola Macri doesn’t need to worry about reviewers in the audience of a preview show; on the strength of this first performance, she deserves full houses and (at least) a small constellation of stars.

Ms Macri is asexual, but finds the English language unaccommodating, being that it’s full of innuendoes and euphemisms for sex and related terms. She’s also a bit of a language nerd, so this show begins with a simple definition, ends with a satisfyingly wordy conclusion, and travels through some delightful storytelling, word play, and comedy along the way.

This show’s likely to have wide appeal (though not for lowest-common-denominator reasons): it’s about language, the ways we use it, and how it can get a bit complicated. It’s intelligent without being superior – Nicola just wants to share her enthusiasm and show you the cool thing she’s found – and her performance, from her ‘off stage’ introduction, though her on-stage explanations, to her movements and her warmth, draws you in and makes you feel welcome.

The show’s solidly constructed with good pace and rhythm, and a nice mix of comedic modes – some puns and wordplay, some analogies and metaphors, illustrative stories, as well as excellent traditional joke formats. There’s some swearing and quite a lot of reference to sex, but it’s not prurient, so this remains a lovely, warm and entertaining show.


Reviewed by Laura

Greenside @ Riddle’s Court

16:00 until 26th (not Sundays)

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