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101 Naughty Jokes in 30 Minutes 4**** - One4Review

101 Naughty Jokes in 30 Minutes 4****

| On 10, Aug 2023

Great venue for this type of stand-up comedy as there is no escaping the ridicule from Masai Graham who has been a regular performer at the fringe over the past few years.

A short but jam-packed performance with a lot of laughter and the use of some interesting props that assist Masai deliver a confident and hilarious in your face 45 minutes of down to the bone naughty jokes. Beware, if you go to the toilet during his show, you will be timed and asked exactly what you were doing whilst in there on your return!

The show has no barriers and Masai lets loose on everyone and anyone, no one stands in his way. Without spoiling the show, his sketches regarding the autobiography’s, his 3 favourite films and the found missing cat were extremely funny albeit at the expense of those involved.

Spoiler Alert: He recalls asking his friend if he had ever played ‘Soggy Biscuit’, his friend replies ‘No, what is it?’ Masai explains the game, (If you know, you know) and his friend then replies, ‘What type of biscuit is it!’

Don’t worry, if you don’t understand any of his jokes, Masai takes great pleasure in sarcastically explaining them to you in front of the audience. With jokes about the American presidents, Bill Cosby, Scotland and even Nik Kershaw, there are jokes that would appeal to a wide ranged audience.

Masai delivers a fast, frank, non-stop and to the point performance that makes you feel guilty for laughing!

Reviewed by Steve
(Laughing Horse, Drop Kick Murphy’s
13.15 & 17.15 (30mins)
Until 27 Aug

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