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Gareth Mutch – Belter 4.5 **** - One4Review

Gareth Mutch – Belter 4.5 ****

| On 23, Aug 2023

The Fringe may be deep into week three, but it is still a healthy audience to see Gareth Mutch perform this offering for Fringe 2023, albeit a slightly quiet and reserved one.
Mutch bounds onto the stage and immediately he enthusiastically begins, explaining his stage set and the derivation of his show title. The demise of a comedy night he used to run of the same name , an uber fan, or is that stalker, gently settling everyone in and drawing a load of laughs along the way.
Gareth has written a packed hour of stories on a variety of subjects, his physique and the difficulty in buying clothes, his desire to be an influencer, stopping smoking, vaping, his family especially his father, large Welshman, and health issues he had on a golf course.
His final segment about a somewhat trying rail journey from London following a gig is a fitting finale. This, like all the show to be honest is wonderfully written and expertly delivered.
Gareth Mutch is a much in demand comedian and has a great show. I am not alone in thinking this, it made the longlist for the Best Edinburgh show by the Awards panel. What he deserves is an audience that is up for a laugh and goes with him. This could be you, and there are only a few shows left, so don’t miss out.

Reviewed by Geoff
Stand 2
18.40 to 19.40
Until 27th August

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