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The Improv Musical 4**** - One4Review

The Improv Musical 4****

| On 18, Aug 2023


This is a musical where the audience gets to choose the settings, characters, song genres and the title. The cast must be mad but they clearly enjoy this challenge as it’s their 11th year of performing at the Fringe.

The MC starts the show by introducing the 3 piece band and 6 cast members, who stand looking slightly terrified as she gets the audience to pick the Setting, Characters and Title. There were certainly some weird and wonderful selections shouted out from this audience. The MC narrows this down and the loudest cheer picks the choices for the evening’s show.

The cast brilliantly put together this outrageous combination into a musical performance. Working in pairs the story flows seamlessly as they perform duets together with some hilarious improvised storytelling. The band are amazing, almost telepathic, as they adapt the music to each scene..During an interlude the MC asks the audience to add further to the plot. Despite how bizarre this was, the cast incredibly managed to incorporate everything into the story.

There were a couple of blips along the way but their clever improvisation skills turned this into part of the performance. The quality of the singing was amazing.

There was great energy throughout their performance making it a very enjoyable show. It was a packed house and the audience loved it.


Reviewed by Lynn

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Big Yin)

2nd – 27th 15:30 (1 hr)

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