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Lara A King: Midlife at the Oasis 4**** - One4Review

Lara A King: Midlife at the Oasis 4****

| On 25, Aug 2023

Wihin moments the audience in this almost soldout room warms to Lara who is not only funny and upbeat, but a joy because of the bonus of a delightful singing voice. Indeed Lara’s songs work so well at bringing the threads of the narrative arc of the show together, often linking to the next anecdote.

And what anecdotes, the humour of which makes becoming 50 almost a celebration, and there are chuckles aplenty in the nostalgic references that she ably demonstrates will mean nothing to the younger people in the room, and vice versa.
Dame Lara King, her adopted title acquired from the dropdown menu when joining the local gym online, got many laughs of recognition too from the funny side of how long it takes to scroll down to your year of birth, moving onto “back in my day” when putting a film in a camera meant you could only take 12 holiday photos, before she switches to the realisation that she is aghast to find she is using phrases your nan used.
She weaves topics around brainfog together and that Google is her new best friend, before moving on to the noises that she was making when getting up.  We discover these disappeared after she went on a juice retreat and lost over 2 stone, having been told by a consultant after a scary MRI that she needed to lose 3 stone in two months, and finding that conventional routes to weightloss did not work. 
The audience is treated to an upbeat song which listed almost everything that she must not eat which was pretty much everything, and are having a great time especially those happily drawn in to share the humour of their similar experiences.Some very entertaining sections are best not mentioned here as they could be the ‘bankers’ for Lara A King’s 2024 show, which with some fun running gags, are all tied neatly together at the end by a enthusiastic singalong of “Downhill together to the Oasis”.  Everyone in the audience left with broad smiles on their faces, indisputably the sign of a great comedy show.

Reviewed by HJ on 24 August 2023

The Stand 4

21:25  4-27 (not 14) August

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