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Weights - One4Review

Doing my usual, ok where am I next, I frequently arrive at a venue knowing only the name of the production I am about to see and in this case that it is part of the Theatre Tours International  & Guy Masterson Productions, the show ‘Weights’. Not much of a clue in that, ok sit back and enjoy as you know you are about to witness a superb performance. On stage we meet Lynn Manning a six-foot plus vision of a good-looking man with a superb physique, this Afro Caribbean gentleman proceeds to tell the story of his life but there is something about his face. At first I can’t put my finger on what it is but as the show progresses I realise, through his performance it is true he is blind. This autobiographical play only reaches from childhood to his mid 20’s when he was shot in the face and slightly beyond to show his determination to become a writer. The admiration I have developed for this man is not through sympathy but my respect for what he has been through, the goals he has achieved and this performance itself.  He concludes the show by reciting one of his own poems which is absolutely beautiful. This cleverly written and excellently performed piece is an absolute must for fans of the one person show, those of quality theatre and anyone wanting to get excellent value for money. Lynn portrays the characters in his life extremely well. Robert Egan’s directorial job would appear to have been a reasonably easy one. My only regret is that I did not see ‘Weights’ during its Fringe debut in 2007! ***** Other shows by the same company ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘Scaramouche Jones’, ‘Vincent’ and ‘Absolution’.

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