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Curse of the Werewolf - One4Review

There’s been a murder at Gargoyle House.  Lord Algernon has died in mysterious circumstances; was it murder or something altogether more sinister?  Join a cast of oddballs as they struggle to find the murderer and make it through the night. This is a production which at no point takes itself seriously, and it’s all the better for it.  Playing out a tale of familial rivalry and tainted bloodlines, this is a hoot from beginning to end.  The cast members are all in their teens and yet they’ve got the hang of hamming it up down to a fine art.  Every character has their own unique quirks and they’re pitched perfectly by each young actor in this gem of a production.  The plot twists and turns to sustain your attention, yet its not particularly taxing.  In fact, you’ll probably have guessed the ending before its reached upon the stage.  If this is the case then simply sit back and enjoy the fun of the cast catching up with you. ****

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